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Any reference to hypothetical performance results that could have been achieved using your system must comply with NFA Compliance Rule 2-29 and the related Interpretive Notice as if the performance results were for on-exchange transactions. As such it has the ability to review all of the Commission’s programs, activities, and records. In accordance with the Inspector General Act of 1978, the OIG issues semiannual reports detailing its activities, findings, and recommendations. The Office of General Counsel provides legal services and support to the Commission and all of its programs. The Division of Clearing and Risk oversees derivatives clearing organizations and other market participants in the clearing process.


  • So any broker who doesn’t have CFTC regulation can’t claim their membership so easily.
  • Currently, the CFTC requires that a forex firm have a minimum of $1,000,000 of capital, and $5,000,000 if it trades options.
  • U.S traders will appreciate its clear design, impressive functionality, and securities trading optimization, including off-exchange spot forex and futures.
  • As discussed, forex brokers must be registered with the CFTC and regulated by the NFA.

Everything changes so fast in the forex markets as you can gain incredibly huge profits in a short time and then in heavy loss after. Therefore, trading with a reputable forex broker based on understanding your investment needs and styles is critical for success in the global foreign exchange markets. CFTC forex brokers are considered to be the most reliable companies in the entire world due to their unwavering dedication towards offering a fair platform for investors to trade in the financial markets. All types of brokers regulated in the US are accountable to the CFTC, and most brokers act in the best interests of clients.

As per the requirements, US registered brokers must maintain a minimum capital of at least $20 million in order to sustain client positions without declaring bankruptcy. With this, any broker with liabilities exceeding $10 million must have 5% of the amount. Namely, because US citizens are protected by stronger regulations, and therefore, brokers registered with the concerned US authority must comply with more strict regulations, and face harsher penalties, than anywhere else. is a leading platform for Forex traders in the U.S looking for a well-rounded offering. Similar to TD Ameritrade, is publicly traded and highly regulated.

How to Choose the Best Forex Brokers Accepting US Clients?

Primarily, the NFA monitors and ensures that all registered brokers keep its own funds in a segregated account, separate to the accounts the broker operates. This method means that brokers can’t up and run with clients money, should anything go wrong. Well, irrespective of the protection that hedging can offer, traders in the US cannot hedge forex trades as regulators believe that it can be a disadvantage for traders due to its high fees and trading costs. After many traders endured great losses at the hands of brokers and financial institutions, Obama signed The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, in July 2010.


Even if the entity you are considering is not on the RED List, always check to see if it is registered with the CFTC before opening an account or paying any money. Information is provided ‘as is’ and solely for education, not for trading purposes or professional advice. The Reparations Sanctions in Effect Lists contain the names of individuals or firms who have not paid awards which were levied against them as a result of reparations proceedings. Apart from being CFTC regulated, holds licensed from several top authorities in different regions in the world. Payment of awards from the Fund, financing of customer education initiatives, and deposits and credits to the Fund.

What are the Advantages of Forex Trading Compared to Other Investments?

Registration- It is important for each Forex brokerage company in the US to register with CFTC. The organization will scrutinize each application to ensure that they comply with the set guidelines before an approval is given. Each broker that applies to the CFTC will then be required to reveal their registration numbers in their website to ensure clients can easily confirm is a Forex broker is CFTC regulated. Forex brokers in the US will either be registered as a retail foreign exchange dealers (RFED’s) or a futures commission merchants (FCM’s).

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The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 brought the Securities and Exchange Commission and the CFTC together for the regulation of single-stock futures. Again, in 2010, the Dodd-Frank Act expanded the CFTC’s regulatory power into the swaps markets. This act required the CFTC to impose various new guidelines on the brokerages governed by them. Now, in today’s current state of affairs, the CFTC’s main goal and responsibility is to create and maintain open, transparent, competitive, and financially stable markets. They strive to protect investors and markets user’s funds, as well as to prevent fraud, manipulation, and abusive financial practices that are subject to the Commodity Exchange Act . CFTC ensures the integrity of forex brokers and a reliable market trading activity.

Highlights include, CNBC Tv, advanced trading capabilities, real-time scanning, over 44 technical studies, trade alerts, and one of the biggest selections of technical indicators out there. It’s where fortunes are made within a matter of seconds, and it’s responsible for a staggering five trillion US dollars swapping hands daily. If you want to get started with foreign exchange investing or trading in the US, then you need to find the best forex broker to work with and get away from these fraudsters. A rookie trader must discover the appropriate strategy to selecting a forex broker, as this directly affects his trading performance on the forex market. To check whether a broker is regulated by the CFTC, you first need to visit the broker’s website to locate their NFA license number (the NFA is the CFTC-designated regulator for forex brokers). To verify this license, you should then visit the NFA’s Background Affiliation Status Information Center website.

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Use our side-by-side comparison table to compare Forex broker accounts, spreads and fees. Now as a retailer you may want to know the straight answer that why CFTC Regulated Broker means a lot to you. However, as you are investing money so your main target will be making profit as much as you can. Besides, whatever the result of your trading is, you’ll always expect a market free of all kinds of manipulation and fraudulent and unethical trading practice. It has a very strict guideline those are highly aligned to US financial market. As a result, following CFTC means following the rules of US financial market also.

It should be with the National Futures Association , a free demo account feature that is good for inexperienced traders, which might be helpful, a range of tradable products, 24 hours support. Thus you can buy and sell national currencies on behalf of the registered client of the forex platform in exchange for a commission fee done by the broker. To find the best forex brokers in the USA, you must choose those trading platforms that are regulated by the National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission . To safeguard investors from dishonest practices, these regulatory authorities ensure that the brokers adhere to tight rules and use transparent trading procedures. Well, for one, all brokers are required to be competently registered with the CFTC. In order to do this, the CFTC carefully examines each and every brokerage who applies for licensing through them to determine if they meet all the strict requirements.

Oanda, on the other hand, has a great selection of partner APIs and VPS services. Selected special calls-duties of foreign brokers, domestic and foreign traders, futures commission merchants, clearing members, introducing brokers, and reporting markets. Regulated forex brokers in the US offer a variety of account types to suit different kinds of traders. Depending on the account you choose, a different initial trading capital requirement will apply.

TD Ameritrade is a market leading broker that offer desktop, web, and mobile platforms that are designed for performance and built for all levels of traders. The Hedge – The CFTC has banned the concept of hedging on a single currency pair. Hedging is the process of buying and selling the same currency pair, which helps protect a trader against highly volatile market situations. The CFTC believes that traders are at a loss by opening a hedged position, as they have to account for double the spread and would eventually suffer from added trading costs as a result of hedging. CFTC regulates the brokers for US financial markets by means of a set of rules those ensure the quality & ethics of the market. MT4 has become an industry-standard trading platform and most of the US brokers offer trading services on MT4.

FDMs are prohibited from permitting customers to fund their commodity interest accounts with a credit card or other electronic funding mechanisms that draw funds from a credit card. The Office of Data and Technology provides technology and data management support for market and financial oversight, surveillance, enforcement, legal support, and public transparency activities. ODT also provides general network, communication, storage, computing, and information management infrastructure and services. The Division of Enforcement investigates and prosecutes alleged violations of the Commodity Exchange Act and Commission regulations. Potential violations include fraud, manipulation, and other abuses concerning commodity derivatives and swaps that threaten market integrity, market participants, and the general public.

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The transaction and liquidity charges are higher than that of most brokers. The portfolio consists of over 11,000 asset classes in the online trading industry. This platform is user-friendly and highly intuitive for the stock exchange. However, if you want to explore more detail about the Ally Invest review platform and its features, account opening process & more as it’s an ideal choice platform for everyone & we have it covered.

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The intention of this new rule is to standardize the way slippage is applied, what in the end will highly benefit the end-customer. On the other hand, there may be some limits that probably block a trader’s opportunities. For example, there are no NFA cryptocurrency brokers to date, simply because these cryptocurrencies are not considered to be financial instruments. As these cryptocurrencies cannot be recognized by the CFTC, so can’t they be offered by US regulated Forex brokers. The CFTC was created back in 1974 by an act of Congress to oversee the futures and options markets.

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Good trading conditions will increase your chances of making money in the market, while unfavorable trading conditions may expose you to market hazards. A good broker will offer different accounts to meet the personalized needs of various traders and requires a much lower minimum initial capital amount. Additionally, keep in mind that Forex trading is a business, and you must be mindful of your expenses. A forex broker is a financial services company that provides traders access to a platform for buying and selling foreign currencies. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Separation of funds- Another guideline is the separation of funds between the client’s money and the brokers’ funds. To ensure there are proper business practices and accountability, the funds of the firm and the investors need to be separated. Supervision- Upon registration, each Forex broker must meet with the supervisory guidelines of the CFTC. For example, Forex brokers are expected to ensure they keep proper records and report their financial statements in a certain duration. This is done to ensure that the Forex brokerage firms are following the recommended financial practices and are also not committing other financial crimes such as money laundering. The primary goal of this division is to monitor the participants in the market in the clearing process while also making analysis of risk in the industry.

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